Bahasa Inggris Bisnis (tugas 2)

Subject & verb agreement














The number

A number






  1. Noun each/every  => verb singular

Jika subjeknya menggunakan each/every maka verb yang digunakan adalah verb singular

Contoh : each book at the book store is listed


  1. Noun +  proposional phrase => verb lihat noun

Contoh : the book on the table is mine


  1. Noun plural => verb plural

Jika subjeknya menggunakan plural maka verb yang digunakan juga plural

Contoh : the books on the table are mine


  1. Noun singular => verb singular

Jika subjeknya menggunakan singular maka verb yang digunakan juga singular

Contoh : the apples at the markets are cheap


Same of                      singular noun => singular verb

A lot of                       plural noun => plural verb

None of                      contoh :

Half of                        -some of my homework is easy

Most of                      -some of my homeworks are easy



Each of                       plural noun => verb tetap singular

Every of                      contoh :

One of                        -each of my friend is here


The number     => verb singular

Contoh : the number of student in this class is 20


A number        => verb plural

Contoh : a number of student are missed the class


Contoh soal

  1. Some of the fruit in this bowl (is/are) …. rotten

ð  Some of the fruit in this bown is rotten

  1. Some of the apples in that bowl (is/are) …. rotten

ð  Some of the apples in that bowl are rotten

  1. Most of the movies (is/are) ….funny

ð  Most of the movies are funny

  1. Half of this money (is/are) … yours

ð  Half of this money is yours

  1. A lot of clothing in this stories (is/are) … on the sale this week

ð  A lot of clothing in this stories is on the sale this week

  1. Each of the boys in the class (has/have) … his own note book

ð  Each of the boys in this class has his own note book

  1. None of the animals at the zoo (is/are) … free to room

ð  None of the animals at the zoo is free to room

  1. The number of employes in my company (is/are) … approximately ten thousand

ð  The number of employes in my company are approximately ten thousand

  1. (does/do) … all of this homework have to be finished by tomorrow?

ð  Does all of this homework have to be finished by tomorrow?


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